5 Fun Summer Activities Your Family Will Love

Family happily spending quality time together participating in one of many summer activities the whole family loves.

A family of four is sitting around the kitchen table. It’s been a week since summer break started and they are all bored to death.

The mom lays her head on the table, exhausted from trying to find something for them all to do. The dad sighs as he drinks his coffee in silence. The kids are sitting there with their heads down like it’s the end of the world until….

Summer is a great time for families to spend quality time together. But, unfortunately, it’s also a time when boredom can set in, and summer vacation activities can start to feel like chores. So I’ve created a list of five fun summer activities your family will love!


5 Fun Summer Activities Your Family Will Love


#1 Family Book Club

Students have more time to read a book during the summer without all the extracurricular activities. So why not have a family book club as a fun summer activity? 


First, decide on what book to read 

You can choose by:

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  • Taking turns who selects the book each week.
  • Everyone puts their favorite choice on a piece of paper, and you have a drawing each week.
  • Look to your local library’s Summer Reading Program for suggestions. 

Next, make a trip to the library or local bookstore to get copies of the book. Your child might want their own copy to hold themselves.

Finally, decide on the plan. Who will do the reading? Depending on the book, your child can read it to you, you read it to your child, or you both take turns reading. 

When and how often will you read? 

  • After dinner
  • Before bed
  • Specific reading time each day

You can read a chapter every day, but also take time out to sit and discuss the topics presented in the book with your kids. 

If you worry about not finishing the book on time, decide when you will finish it. This way, you are committed as a family to working together in accomplishing one task, finishing a book!

Check out these ideas on family book club books

#2 Music Mondays 

Each Monday, you and your family could do something involving music. 

Music Activities 

  • Choose a weekly artist and learn about their music throughout the week. 
  • Learn how to play a new instrument or the keyboard and practice every Monday.
  • Weekly karaoke can be a great way to spend time with your family and learn about different songs and genres. 
  • Create a theme for the week and play songs that fit. For example, if country music is your theme, have a round-robin of each family member singing their favorite country song. 
  • Go to a concert, opera, or watch a musical together.
  • Check out this Pinterest board full of music Monday ideas.

Every week, you could try a different musical summer activity. It will keep summer not only fun but exciting too!


#3 Water Wednesdays

There is no doubt kids love water! Swimming is always a fun summer activity to do as a family. But there are so many other ways to have fun with water and maybe even turn it into a learning experience. 

Water Activities

  • Water your plants or flowers with buckets, tubs, watering cans, hoses, sprinklers, etc.
  • Paint with water- Get big rollers, paintbrushes, and buckets of water to paint the driveway.
  • Water balloon toss with different sizes of balloons. Measure out how far you can toss it or how big the puddle it makes.
  • Beach day making sandcastles, bodyboarding, and playing in the water.
  • Slip and slide races
  • Get out measuring spoons, cups, and different-sized containers to see how much volume it holds of water.
  • Play tag with spray bottles of water.
  • Learn about the water cycle by making one in a zip lock bag.
  • Try this STEM water in a bag pencil experiment.

Water Wednesdays might end up being the highlight of your child’s summer!


#4 Field Trip Fridays

Field Trip Fridays could be an easy way to enjoy summer and discover new and fun summer activities to do as a family. Each Friday, your family could experience something new in the community.

Field Trip Ideas

  • Eat at a different restaurant each week to experience new and different foods. 
  • Visit a local nursing home and learn about others within the community and how they enjoyed their lives. 
  • Go to the library for different learning and craft opportunities- they usually have daily summer activities for kids. 
  • Having a weekly walk at the park is a great summer activity for your whole family. There are also thousands of national parks throughout the country that families can visit for a reasonable price. 
  • Are there any local farms your kids would like to visit? Maybe you could visit an Amish farm or even investigate different animals at a zoo.
  • Visit a museum or aquarium in town or a short drive away. 

You can have summer fun without being stuck in the house all summer long. Pack a bag with easy snacks (or maybe buy lunch at some places) and sunscreen if you will be outside. 

#5 Arts and Crafts

Children love to be creative. There is so much more freedom during the summer so that they can create things on their own. What I enjoyed most about the summer was going to the local camp. They had daily crafts for us to do. Crafts can be simple and include few ingredients. 

Arts and Craft Ideas

  • Make a popsicle fan using a paper plate, glue, popsicle sticks, and markers to decorate. 
  • Origami art using different pieces of tissue paper
  • Use recycled cereal boxes and magazines to create a collage by gluing the different materials onto a cardboard sheet or paper plate.
  • Learn about a famous artist in history and have your child create art inspired by the artist. You could even research photos of some paintings to look at different artistic styles through the years. 
  • Decorate water bottles or paint rocks to go in the garden.
  • Make a pop bottle firefly.
  • Get a binder and add pictures of summer activities along with journaling from summer memories. Make it into your summer scrapbook!
  • Make quick and cheap sidewalk chalk paint.
  • Create these jellyfish suncatchers.
  • Make these tie-dye beach towels.

The summer is such a fun time for kids to be creative and think outside of the box!

Additional Resources for Summer Activities for Kids

One of the best things about the summer is that you have more time with your family. It’s a great time to plan fun summer activities for the whole family! What are some of your favorite things to do as a family? Share them in the comments below! 

Here are additional resources if you would like more summer activity ideas:


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Family happily spending quality time together participating in one of many summer activities the whole family loves.
Are you looking for fun summer activities to keep your family active, engaged, and entertained? Here are 5 your family will love!

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