The Art Of Catching Back Up During Summer Break

Ahhhhhh… summer break is upon us…

Many parents and children believe that summertime is a time to take a break and not worry about school…

Parents feel that children may get burnt out or overwhelmed if they do any sort of school work during the summer.

Catching Back Up During Summer Break;

A break from school is something that is needed to improve performance and not have children get burnt out…

However, taking a break for the whole summer can be too long!

Going that long without any academic stimuli will most likely hinder your child’s performance when they go back to school in the fall.

This is especially true for children that already struggle in school.

There are a few ways to avoid summer brain atrophy, let’s cover four different examples;

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1. Summer Brain Drain

Studies have shown that children that do not get any academic stimuli in the summer will roughly lose half of their knowledge that they learned from the prior year.

Yes, you read that correctly… HALF!

As an example; if your child is in fourth grade and ends the year at grade level, they will come into fifth grade only remembering half of the things they learned from fourth grade!

This is extremely difficult for children who already struggle academically!

If your child is a fourth grader but is only reading at the 1st quarter 2nd-grade level… When they go back to school in the fall after the summer break, they will be reading at a 1st-grade 2nd quarter level when they get into fifth grade.

Instead of having your child fall behind, even more, the summer can be used for your child to catch up on their academics. Things such as Special Education Tutoring can only take a total of one hour a week… but can ensure your child doesn’t regress academically!

2. Routine and Habits

Children thrive off of routine and habits!

Many children become lazy during the summer not because they are tired from working but because they do not have that structure in the summer that they have in the school year.

Parents have noticed a significant improvement in this area through Special Needs Tutoring.

A summer structure can look as simple as this;

Your child’s schedule could be as simple as – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2:00 pm, they sit down with a tutor and work on reading.

This small, but structure routine will help your child continue to stay on a consistent schedule which will help tremendously once school resumes.

3. Better Sleep

Studies have shown that using your brain can help you burn calories and can make you as tired as exercise.

Many children who are on a routine and use their brain during the summer will have a better night sleep and will choose not to stay up late at night; even if you don’t set an early bedtime…

Children who are not on a routine and do not use their brain during the summer are more likely to stay up late and have a harder time getting back into a routine when school starts.

4. Improving Skills

Tutoring does not just have to be for children that struggle in academics. It can be for anyone!

You can use tutoring to prepare a child for the upcoming year, or even for children who are gifted, and you want to challenge and expand their knowledge.

Tutoring can be very beneficial to all types of children it can help with making sure that your child doesn’t fall behind, and it can also help a child be more productive, and the routines in the summer will help with transitioning into the school year for the upcoming fall.

What tricks have you used to help ensure information is not lost over the summer? Would love to hear your feedback as well! Please leave a comment…


The term summer brain drain may seem like something from a sci-fi movie… but it happens to everyone! Stop this catastrophe by being proactive as a parent!

Suzie Dalien

Suzie Dalien

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