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How to Improve Math Skills with 7 Simple Strategies


By: Suzie Dalien, M.Ed.

Young boy doing math at a desk with text overlay How to Improve Math Skills with 7 Simple Strategies

How many times have you heard your child say things like:

“I hate math!”
“I can’t do this!”
“This is dumb!”

Well, the sad truth is, you are not alone. Math can be very frustrating to children especially when they do not learn in the same manner as their peers.

With some planning and research on the part of the parents and teachers, all students can improve their math skills and see success. Use the below simple strategies to help improve math skills.


7 Simple Strategies to Improve Math Skills   

#1 Focus on Understanding the Concepts

It is one thing to memorize steps and formulas, but this does not mean you fully understand the concepts of what you are doing. Take the time to make sure you know why you are doing what you are doing. 

#2 Frequent Review of Math Skills

Jumping right into problem-solving can lead to feelings of defeat and frustration. Be sure to revisit and review learned concepts frequently to ensure automaticity in problem-solving.

#3 Practice Makes Perfect

Start with simple problems and move to more complicated problems as you become more comfortable. 

#4 Change Things Up!

Rather than read word problems and try to solve them, take a different approach! 

  • Read problems out loud. 
  • Draw visual representations of the problem.
  • Have someone read the problem to you.

#5 Apply Math Skills to Real Life

It is essential to understand why and how math is important. Brainstorm real-world examples where math is applied, then relate those examples to the concepts you are learning.


#6 Study Math Skills Online

There are TONS of online resources to help with drill and practice. Most of these sites are even free! Some sites also offer study guides, practice tests, and quizzes. I’ve shared a list of websites below.

Check out these useful sites to help improve math skills and practice:

#7 Praise

Finally, the most important one -PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE! In math, charting shows real progress, even in small steps, and is a definite motivator.

Charting math progress makes it visible, providing evidence that the effort is worth it. No matter how small the success, charting provides critical feedback to make your child want more.

Be as specific and descriptive in your feedback as possible. Skillful acknowledgment and descriptive feedback are our most powerful teaching tools. They will help to fuel a child’s courage to improve math skills and take the next step.


More Math Skills Resources

Here are a few Special Education Resources for math you can work on together at home.


Is your child struggling in one of these areas? 

We offer one-on-one special education tutoring that can be done from anywhere you are! Why? Because our special education experts conduct their sessions online!

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Young boy using his fingers to do math problems with text overlay How to Improve Math Skills with 7 Simple Strategies

Math is used everywhere in our lives, but it can be very frustrating for children to learn. Here are 7 simple strategies to help kids improve math skills.

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7 Responses to How to Improve Math Skills with 7 Simple Strategies

  • Brittany says:

    So good!!! we will use this in the future. math skills are always good to work on!!

  • Kelly| Citytoast2southerntea says:

    This is great my son uses and app from school where he can practice math as much as possible.

  • Maria Yakimchuk says:

    Great tips. I remember as a kid not liking math very much. And it was mostly because I didn’t understand why I was doing what I was doing. The why is truly important in understanding math.

  • Milica Vukadin says:

    I love that you started by focusing on the concepts!
    This is something I always try to explain to parents – If you believe that your child has issues with mathematics, focus on the concepts first and introduce them to real-life situations.
    P.S. I see that you have a degree in Education as well! 🙂
    Great article! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Kim says:

    Thank you for sharing. My daughter’s teacher has shared some similar tips with the parents of her students. She actually provides a monthly newsletter which is helpful.

  • Marysa says:

    It is good to stay on top of math skills whenever possible. Thanks for sharing all of these tips!

  • Jennifer Maune says:

    Math can be so complicated, especially for little ones! I am loving the list of websites you provided to help practice math skills!


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